Helping people live a more healthful life is what we do.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, our founder, Evie Levitin, spent countless hours scanning the aisles of local grocery stores, trying to find good quality, clean snacks for her husband and kids. Reading food labels became something she was really good at but spending the time to do it wasn't so easy. This is how The Balanced Snack Box came about! To help make your busy life a little less stressful by taking the guilt out of snacking for good. No more searching for good quality snacks to try. No more reading and searching endless ingredients. Snacks made with good quality ingredients delivered straight to your door every month. Now you can feel good about the snacks you and your family eat. It's our mission to help families live a more healthful life, one snack at a time. 


How it all began.

Our founder, Evie Levitin went from a corporate job as a CA,CPA to a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Through her personal health journey, she found her passion in helping people live their best life through healthy eating. Evie's mission is to ensure her family eats as healthfully as possible, with clean, good quality ingredients in every meal and every snack. The thing was, cooking meals wasn't the challenge. But snacking sure was! Scanning the aisles of each grocery store made her realize how difficult it is to weed out all the harmful ingredients and choose the best quality snacks. It was then that The Balanced Snack Box was born. 

Our mission is to help bring healthy snacks into every household, so your family can live healthfully and still enjoy the satisfaction of a good snack. Whether it's a sweet or salty craving, we've carefully selected snacks for even the toughest of critics, without the guilt. Healthy eating is a lifestyle change and our goal is to make it as easy as possible.

Let's get started

Healthy snacking is at your fingertips. From the busiest of moms to the pickiest of kids to bustling executives and everyone in between, we've got you covered with healthy, high quality snacks.